Give us a bag of cement and we can show you seemingly endless applications!
We offer a full suite of mason services to clients in Radium, Invermere, Windermere, Fairmont Hot Springs and beyond.

Russell Buksa, owner and operator of Full Mason Enterprises has been in the masonry business for over 25 years.

Full Mason Enterprises is unique in its versatility of masonry services:  we offer a wide variety of concrete finishing, from flat slabs to stamped, stencil, exposed aggregate to broom finish.

We also do exterior house finishes such as conventional stucco, Imasco finishes and all types of acrylic stucco, from full system to sand and cement.

Full Mason Enterprises offers the best in stonework, both real and cultured.  With expert craftsmanship, stone finishes are created artfully with tremendous attention to detail adding just the right touch of natural detail to your space, indoor or out.

Russell has enjoyed over three decades in the masonry industry and is a journeyman in three trades certificates in Bricklaying, Stone, Blocks, Glass Blocks, Concrete Finishing, Plastering (Stucco).