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15 Mar

Stamped Concrete

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stamped concreteIf you’re looking for something a little different than your usual concrete sidewalk or driveway, consider adding a stamped design.  It’s an inexpensive alternative to brick or stone and far more attractive than your average pavers.

20 Jan

Beauty in the Details: Exposed Aggregate & Wet Detail Cuts

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100_0101Exposed aggregate finish for concrete outdoors has taken off in popularity.

A great alternative the smooth concrete of a sidewalk, exposed aggregate provides a deceptively smooth finish, but with the more earthy texture of gravel.

It’s a great look and the detail in the rough appearance enhance any approach, from steps to sidewalk to driveway.

A lovely touch, to add a bit of unique visual interest is the use of wet detail cuts, offering an architectural element to your walkway that can match a detail on the exterior of your home or simply add a little much-needed oomph!

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16 Jan

Rubber Overlayment for a Unique Finish Outdoors

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rubber-3Rubber Overlayment creates a surface made up of rubber particles which are then combined with a binder which adheres the loose rubber to each other and the subsurface it is covering. Rubber overlay can go over any type of surface such as cement, stamped concrete, cracked surfaces, stained concrete, fiberglass, and metal. Once down the surface requires NO after care or resealing of any type.

This new surface offers many advantages over traditional surfaces because it doesn’t crack or fade and the unique surface “flexes” with the subsurface, so even if the subsurface cracks, the rubber surface will move with it but not crack or come apart.

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20 Sep

Elite Crete Overlay

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[slideshow id=6]  Sometimes basic grey just doesn’t cut it!

Here’s a great finish to transform your new or existing concrete floor.  Elite Crete Systems can be used to resurface a concrete floor that is scaling and cracked, to make it look new again.

It can help level out a concrete floor with humps and dips in it, to prepare it for some other type of flooring. Or maybe you just want a decorative look to that ugly gray concrete you’ve been staring at for years.  Choose from a great selection of finishes and colors to truly make your home stand out from the rest.